Friday, May 31, 2019

190531FW Jn 13:1-17 - Christ's Almighty, Cleansing, Disciple-making Love

Family worship teaching lesson, reviewing John 13:1-17, the epistle reading from the Lord's Day morning worship service, May 26, 2019. The Holy Spirit amazes us with what Jesus was "knowing" and thinking about as He washed the disciples' feet. The almighty, eternally begotten, God the Son has stooped down to be the cleanser of dirt-creatures who must be delivered from the penalty, power, and presence of sin. Those whom He loves, He cleanses. And, if He is not cleansing us, then it is a sure indicator that we have no part in Him. Part of His cleansing us is that we would love one another, and be willing to humble ourselves to serve one another--especially to participate in His cleansing work in each other's lives.

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