Wednesday, May 15, 2019

190515FW Judges 1:27-2:6 - Incomplete Obedience or Repentance Is None At All

Family worship teaching lesson, reviewing Judges 1:27-2:6, the Old Testament lesson from Lord's Day worship on May 12. The Holy Spirit takes us a step back in time, to when Joshua was still alive, to show us the progressive downgrade of Israel's obedience that had taken place during the conquest itself. Ultimately, their partial obedience was the result of not having Yahweh alone as God, but rather being their own god and adopting and raising up for themselves other gods--including tax money (nothing new under the sun!). Tragically, their partial repentance included only that selfish sorrow, which keeps serving oneself, not that godly sorrow that bears the fruit of turning from the sin to newly committed obedience.

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