Monday, May 1, 2017

Samuel Miller, upon Resolving to Pursue Gospel Ministry

O my Father's and my Mother's God, I yield myself to Thee! Yet, what an office for a poor, polluted, weak creature, who is helpless in himself, to aspire unto! Lord, help me to realize my own weakness and unworthiness; to lie in the dust of abasement, and habitually to look for strength to Him who can "make me strong in the power of His might." Lord, I, this day, devote myself to Thy most worthy service. I am Thine by creation and preservation; I ought to be Thine by a holy regeneration and a gracious adoption; and I would humbly devote myself to the promotion of Thy glory to my latest breath.
Quoted from The Life of Samuel Miller on p17 of An Able and Faithful Ministry