Friday, December 13, 2019

Praying for Greta and Millions of Children Like Her

This year a 16 year old girl won Time Magazine's person of the year. For what? For being trotted out as an image of youth and innocence to promote the nature-worship that is part of the complex public religion of our day. Truly, they still sacrifice virgins to the pagan nature-gods.

This poor girl is not a hero. She has been abused by her handlers--including, and especially, her parents.

They have put a world of burden on her shoulders, when she should be learning and growing and developing all sorts of skills (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.) through the work (yes, work!) and play of childhood.

They have taught her that she is wise enough to rebuke her elders, when they ought to have instilled in her a respect for age and experience that is superseded only by that Word which can make one wiser than her teachers.

They have thrust her, immodestly, onto the most public possible display, rather than teaching her the virtues of self-forgetfulness and modesty--that humility that is glad to serve gently and quietly where He who sees in secret observes and rewards.

Sadly, her being declared Person of the Year is symptomatic of the fact that it's not just Greta. Though not to the same degree, this is being done to millions of children in our and other cultures. Even--God forgive and help us!--in the churches.

As I plod along, day by day and week by week, in ministering the ordinary means of grace, it is in hope (in part) that God will use these means to protect the children who are influenced by my ministry from such folly. One of those means is prayer--in which we cry out to God for reformation and revival to come through these means multiplied by a multitude of other pastors and parents.

When I pray for reformation, one of the things that I pray for is an end to this folly. When I pray for revival, one of the things that I pray for is an end to this folly. Won't you work and pray with me? God strengthen and hear us!

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