Wednesday, June 12, 2019

2019.06.12 Worship Wednesday - Gospel Worship (Burroughs), pp67-110

On these Worship Wednesdays, we are reading Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs. Over the last several weeks, we covered pp67-110, with the following scribbled notes:

and the following select quotes:

from p78 on how an unbeliever can never worship from pure motives

from p81 on how the only way to sanctify God's name in worship is by the power of the Spirit and union with Christ

from p84 on how the only right worship is worship that comes from truly regenerate affections

from p86 on how a true apprehension of God's glory is what produces true zeal in worship

from p89 on how worship must be done chiefly from a genuine desire that God would be honored, not any other reason

from p92 on how worshiping from a desire for God's honor means that we will love even that right worship from which we perceive no benefit to ourselves

from p96 on how the one who truly fears God will fear Him most when closest to Him in worship

from p97 on the greatness of the vileness of allowing ourselves to be distracted in worship

from p99 on how the best way to resist distractions in worship is to stir up fervor toward the Lord Himself

from p100 on the necessity of giving all of one's strength to God's worship

from p102 on the complete impropriety of ever being impressed with our worship

from p104 on how right worship is not only worship that is only according to God's Word in Scripture, but also only that worship that is done in and through us by God's Spirit

from p106 on how worship that is done merely out of a sense of duty cannot genuinely gladden the heart

from p108 on how right worship is only that worship that is done in union with Christ and offered by Him to God on our behalf

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