Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Daily Reading

Time to read!
As I settle back into the routine of being a pastor, one of the things that I hope to do is to read widely in a variety of subjects that are selected at keeping my mind fresh and fertile for preaching.

In God's providence, that also means that these subjects are also, generally speaking, useful for the minds and hearts of all believers.

New books begin the week of the 14th
This week, I plan to introduce the books that I will begin (or re-begin) soon. 

Then, on Monday the 14th, I hope to actually start the reading. It'll only be a few pages a day, 15-30 minutes for me, not more than an hour for even a slower reader.

I'll read, and blog a short summary or comment on what I've read.

I would be delighted if others took me up on my invitation to read along, and added their own observations and questions from that section of reading in the comments section on the blog article

Join me!
Reading all of the books along with me would end up being quite a commitment, but you could pick one or two of them.

Surely, every one of us has some 15 minutes per week that could be re-assigned to reading good books!

If you are not in the habit of reading good material in addition to Scripture, I strongly recommend that you pick something easy (Saturday), pragmatic (Friday), or both (Tuesday), and read along.

Often, we don't do it because we lack incentive. This is where having a schedule, and interaction can help move us along.

Sometimes, we don't do it because we feel like we aren't understanding what we read. This is where the blog summary, and the opportunity to make observations and ask questions, can help.

And, if it's just going to be a couple pages a week, it'd be difficult to convince ourselves of the excuse that we don't have enough time!

"The List"
The following is the list that I propose to begin soon:

Ministry Monday
An Able and Faithful Ministry by James Garretson

Timeless Tuesday (history and biography)
The Letters of Samuel Rutherford (note that although I will be reading the Banner of Truth edition, other editions may possibly serve as well. I don't have them in order to compare)

Worship Wednesday (focused mainly upon the Lord's Day assemblies)

Theology Thursday (more formal theological reading; usually a tougher slog through, but worth it)
The Glory of Christ by John Owen (volume one, if you have a set of his works)

Family Friday (family, marriage, parenting, etc.)

Sanctification Saturday
Devoted to God by Sinclair Ferguson

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