Thursday, December 22, 2016

An Interview with God

    Also draw out the spear,
    And stop those who pursue me.
    Say to my soul,
    “I am your salvation.”
Psalm 35:3

When I am in trouble, and especially when I am under attack, I need the Lord to act upon more than my situation, to bring it to a close. I need the Lord to act upon more than those who attack me, to thwart them and to bring them to justice.

I need the Lord to act upon my own soul. I need for Him to remind me of what I know--that He is my salvation. I need this bedrock truth reaffirmed as the central operating principle of my life. I forget the gospel so easily. I feel the truth of the gospel so superficially.

And yet, it is the gospel that I need. How does the Lord "say to my soul"? How does He breathe out those words? He has done so already on the pages of Scripture (2Tim 3:16), which He has given me not only to read, and hear, but also to pray, and sing. And His Holy Spirit does the work of writing those truths upon my heart.

Oh blessed fellowship of divine conversation! This is what I need more than the removal of any distress or defeat of any enemy: an interview for my soul with the Living God.

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